Friends of the Children-San Francisco/Bay Area

Friends of the Children-San Francisco/Bay Area (Friends-SF) is dedicated to breaking the cycle of generational poverty through salaried, professional mentorship. We effect transformational change by empowering youth who are facing the greatest obstacles through relationships with highly trained Professional Mentors. Our full-time Professional Mentors walk beside each youth starting in kindergarten and continuing through high school graduation, a 12+ year commitment—no matter what.

The Comis Foundation’s transformative three-year grant perfectly aligns with and amplifies our priority of providing consistent and unwavering support to mentor our youth through their educational journey.

Comis Foundation is not only investing in our organization but also investing in the future of the youth and community we serve. Their dedication to making a lasting impact serves as an inspiration to us all, reaffirming our collective belief in the power of mentorship to transform lives.

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