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My maternal grandfather left half of his estate to charities. That set my example. I had thought for years about this and then I realized that he had invested in many charitable projects during his life. I decided that the sensible thing was to establish a structure for charitable giving – a foundation – in my lifetime. Finally, Chris Cobb and I together made Comis Foundation a reality. I have been fortunate in life; it is a privilege to open to others opportunities I had. It is especially a joy to Chris and me to work with our children in Comis and to feel that its future is assured.

A founding Trustee, Chris provided a strong voice that has prepared the Foundation a long-term focused framework that the Trustees will use in the future philanthropy of Comis.

I’m passionate about the work we’ve been able to do in early childhood education and any effort that promotes universal preschool. Creating and sustaining community, whether a community of 2 or 2 million, also forms a common thread of interest for me in the organizations we’ve been able to support.

I am interested in providing opportunities for innovative programs aimed at improving the lives of at-risk populations, both in my own community and wherever people are in need. I hope to build sustainable policies and practices to ensure Comis can continue achieving its mission into the future.

I have been involved with non-profits since graduating college. I have worked with Arts organizations, conservation groups, young adult mentoring programs for many years. The opportunity to affect positive change for future good is a core belief and I enjoy seeing the positive outcomes of our varied support.